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Welcome to the annual SalmonRun at Kitsumkalum near Terrace, BC

2016 Results for top runners are:
2016 Interim Results
Category results
Photo Gallery 2016

10km Event
Male:  Davis Lindsay Time 38:21
Female:  Sarah Willliams 46:49

5km Event
Male:  Matthew Clarke Time 19:46
Female Patricia Derrick Time 25:59

2km Event
Male:  Nash Muller Time 11:20
Female:  Violet Bartlett Time 10:56



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Salmon Run Race Route for 2014

Our Students, Staff, and 'Na Aksa Gyilak'yoo School, as well as our Band Council, School Board members, and the members of the Muks-Kum-ol Sisterhood, are joined together once again in the presentation of our Annual  KitsumKalum    ''  SALMON  RUN ''.

We are extremely proud of our annual race promoting community, and family participation.  An event that has grown to become the largest Run in the Pacific North West.  This run allows participants to enjoy a run through the village of KitsumKalum, the surrounding terrain, including a forest grove, a river setting, and a hill that has measured the endurance of professionals.

Our entire event is closely monitored by Terrace Search and Rescue, many water stations, and rest locations through out the race .  Families, pets, baby strollers, and Elders are all welcome, and valued participants.  Our presentation is noted for a fantastic Salmon BBQ, several other  unique foods, and a variety of Awards and Presentations throughout the day.
The large assortment of prizes is topped with a grand door prize, and a first edition print contributed by one of many of our local artists.
                                            ''  Welcome ALL TO SALMON RUN 2016  ''
Tony Vincenzi

Salmon Run 2015 Results
There were 357 runners who took part in scorching heat.

Salmon Run 2015 results - bib# and times

Results for top runners are:

10km Event
Male:  Ted McCreery from Terrace Age 35 Time 42:44
Female:  Sarah Willliams from Prince Rupert Age 26 44:03

5km Event
Male:  Murray Warner from Terrace Age 61 Time 21:49
Female Sheri Hamer from Terrace Age 59 Time 24:17

2km Event
Male:  Fred Seiler from Terrace Age 52 Time 12:02
Female:  Hannah McNeil from Terrace Age 11 Time 10:21

The largest team was the In Memory of James Vickers Memorial Team which had 52 registered participants.

Ted McCreery, 10 km winner
with Colleen Austin, Event Chair
Category sponsored by Hawkair
Photo credit: NAGK School
Sarah Willliams, 10 km winner
photo credit: Birgitte Bartlett
Hannah McNeil, 2 km winner with sponsor Brian Gascon from Canadian Tire
Photo credit: NAGK School
Mildred Roberts, Oldest Runner
with her Great-Granddaughter Kayleen Sam
Photo credit: NAGK School

Photo Gallery 2015

How did Salmon Run come to be

Salmon Run has many medal categories for each age category for the 2km, 5km and 10 km races, including 11 trophies.

Cick here to see them all.

The SalmonRun has been challenging and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices through physical activity, nutrition and promoting positive healthy living.

How did Salmon Run come to beWith strong partnerships and community support, we are achieving this goal.

With this solid foundation, we anticipate that more community members — of all fitness levels and ages — will come to participate in our SalmonRun event.
Click on the image above to view a slideshow of SalmonRun's story

'Na Aksa Gila Kyew Learning Centre

If you are able to volunteer, contact Volunteer Terrace

Thank you to our sponsors:
2015 Salmon Run Sponsors
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