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Super Prize

Donation by Canadian Tire to SalmonRun 2017

Great events start with great ideas, evolving from need, experience, and commitment.
The experience comes with time, but the commitment must be something that is one hundred percent supportive, from the start of any venture.  There are companies, and people, that recognize the value of such commitment.  This group have community benefit as their goal.  Their participation results in success, because they believe in supporting the people that they serve.

In our community one need look no further than Bryan Gascon and his Canadian Tire Store.  Since the concept of the SalmonRun was first adopted, we looked to several businesses to become a corner stone of our event.  Canadian Tire under the direction of Brian Gascon fully endorsed our event.  More importantly he supported the principals the SalmonRun was founded on.

Actions speak louder than words, and to this end Bryan has opened his store, (and wallet) to the needs of the SalmonRun.  When it was realised that we needed a major prize to cap our event Canadian Tire stepped forward.

Over time, Canadian Tire has continued to support this need with prizes that exceed our expectation year after year.  Bryan has set the standard for personal generosity, endorsement, and community support.  The example set by Canadian Tire has resulted in several sponsors endorsing our needs and committing to our cause.  The list of sponsors is growing and changing as in all events, but our core of business sponsors has largely remained unchanged.


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